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I confess this article is not very new but the message is clear. Thats why it prompted me to caption this article with the same name as the documentary starring Ben Stein. This answers the critics of the movie who said it was Ben Stein pushing his  Intelligent Design views.

In the developed world of the 21st century if there is anything called intolerance then it is the intolerance to people who believe in a God who created them. It is considered sacrilege to speak like that to even our own kids....."you are corrupting their minds with your hocus pocus" they say.

 According to them, this biblical viewpont is what is corrupting our youngsters and teenagers. It is what is making them take a shotgun and shoot at their classmates or even their own parents. Will teaching this viewpoint make us have the highest number of teenage pregnancies and college drop outs? 

How do you think will be the mindset of our children who grow up learning that they all were monkeys who were recently jumping from tree to tree (please dont ask why these monkeys are still around). Its all evolution and survival of the fittest they say!! Evolution!! Evolve from what?? Evolve from nothing to something? I challenge all the scientists in the world to make a single living cell. They know a cell inside out,they have all the raw materials but why cant they? If what we read in Genesis is a fairy tale....then there is no reason to believe what is in the middle and the end of the Book either. There...an atheist is born. 

Even now there is a standoff in certain schools in the US where they decided to teach creation along with Evolution. Considering that only fewer than 4 in 10 believe in Evolution in US according to a recent poll released on Darwins 200th birth anniversary, I wonder how they are able to pass laws and amendments banning such teaching!! Heres the link:

We are decaying morally my dear friends. Thats what we are doing to ourselves and our kids. All I am trying to do here is just point out the facts....you decide.

May God bless you.


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