Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everchanging "origin of life" timeline

Atrocious. That's what I felt when I read this article. I am sure so many people must be lapping this all up. They do not have a problem with all the ever changing "thoughts" of our beloved scientists. If it was said by a scientist then it must be a hardcore fact. Let me take some of the lines of the article to show you what I mean..."Many scientists had thought the violent pelting by massive asteroids during the period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment would have melted the Earth's crust and vaporized any life on the planet." The scientists themselves admit it is their thought. And of course they have the right to change their thoughts multiple number of times. There was also recently a hyped up case of discovering Ida,humans earliest ancestor which even Time magazine brushed it off as a ballyhoo.

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I do not have any problem with our scientists about their thoughts and assumptions. It is when they say that we have to take their word as the gospel truth that I find difficult to come to terms with. It is heresy if you question their deductions and their latest version of the origin of life. I feel sorry for the people who are mislead by these scientists. Matt 15:14 talks about blind leaders of the blind.I feel this is all like a part at controlling our minds. This kind of mind control is already being used constantly on America’s children through the public education system, the secular media, and science museums even in many "Christian" schools and colleges.Take for example this mandatory lesson about homosexuality for kindergartners!!
Isn't this sad? I welcome any comments.

God bless you.

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  1. I am sad for those who are misled with the truth. Our opportunity now is to teach them the truth and the real gospel. But on the other hand I still praise the Lord for giving us scientists who had explained and clarified a lot of things/questions about our world. May God bless them and make them see the truth (the real truth)